Ready to jump in and start your Etsy shop today?

Get started on your Etsy shop today and take your idea from struggling to get started to consistent cha-chings!  

Here's what you'll get:  

  • Section 1: Etsy Myths Debunked - move past these assumptions to focus on what is actually important
  • Section 2: Basic Guide to Etsy SEO - what goe into Etsy search and which parts of your listing are important
  • Section 3: Top Apps for Etsy Marketing - best places to spend your time and energy to get the fastest results  
  • Section 4: Top Resources to jump in - places to get help and resources to support your Etsy startup process  

Tired of feeling like you just can't take that leap to get started? You're overwhelmed with feelings of not being able to stand out in the market or not even having an idea of where to start on Etsy?  

Well friend, you're in the right place. 

So what are you waiting for?

  • No more worry about whether Etsy is oversaturated or if you can be successful with your products  
  • No confusion about how to get found in the search or what makes up Etsy SEO
  • Finally get your shop open and start making money from your creativity! 

I'm Lauren: mom of 3, military spouse, and full time Etsy seller. I've built my Etsy business in the margins- the naptimes, and the early mornings, and the stolen seconds. Since 2017, I've had over $500,000 in sales on Etsy making made to order monogrammed baby gifts, and now in addition to my shop (which I still run!) I teach other Etsy entrepreneurs to scale their shops from that struggling side hustle to a consistent income.